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     Our mission is to improve, enhance and promote enjoyment of the game of golf for everyone; new players, seasoned players, young and old alike.

     After years of seeing new golfers just beginning their play experience with neither adequate formal golf instruction, nor the most basic of golf etiquette, style and procedure, Thomas C. Goodhope and Guy W. Thomas collaborated to address a part of the problem of inexperience from the standpoint of slow play. Seasoned golfers and golf professionals are well aware of the disadvantages of the untimely slow game. A slow playing group frustrates everyone's game. Slow play adversely affects everyone on the course, in the clubhouse or at the pro shop. When freshman players are unsure of the next indicated step the whole game slows down. When each golfer engages or at least attempts to hasten play, everyone wins. More people get to play, the costs of providing and maintaining facilities drop and everybody enjoys a better time on the course.

     Nothing can compare to the success enjoyed by good golf coaching, the practice of good golf etiquette and continuing and ongoing golf courtesy and play protocol.

     The timing for "A Pocket Guide to Four Hour Golf" could not have been more appropriate. With interest in the game of golf growing each year, this booklet is designed specifically with the beginning golfer in mind.
It is especially helpful as an elementary tool for those who may have been drawn to the game by the phenomenal success of youthful players like Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie. Many a new player starts out by thinking that the key to good golf is acquiring a set of clubs and simply practicing until they perform like either one of these outstanding champions. This notion is not so true, as this handy beginners guide points out. Success at anything requires expert fundamental guidance. The game of golf is the very same. A right start can mean the difference between enjoying and continuing with any endeavor or quitting in anger and disgust. Without such professional assistance, positive progress, especially in golf, maybe absent and thus the experience goes badly and sadly may end on a sour note. Because golf requires a delicate balance of relaxation and strict concentration at the same time, it can be a source of frustration and despair under the best of circumstances. Thomas C. Goodhope and Guy W. Thomas decided to join together in producing this very special and worthwhile book. Both gentlemen having played the game from their earliest recollection and being from families who have loved the game for many years, felt an automatic mandate to solve a problem that affects everyone playing the game.

     One of the most glaring problems in golf today is slow play. Much of the dilemma can be allayed to new golfers unfamiliar with golf rules and golf etiquette. Many books and articles have been witten on both subjects but seemingly most of the offered solutions have fallen to blind eyes and deaf ears. The noted writer Thomas C. Goodhope and the celebrated artist Guy W. Thomas met in Southern California in the mid-seventies. They shared a love of art and a love for the game of golf. In the late 90's, both men agreed the time was right to join forces and present a palatable solution in a lighthearted and humorous way to the growing problem of slow golf play. With the recent successes of accomplished players like Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie, everybody seems to be jumping on the "golf bandwagon" without the benefit of basic precepts of the game. Presenting an informational book for young and old alike, proved to be a great platform to use. By gently assuaging newer players into an understanding of proper attitudes of play that comprise a good game, both men and many of their golfing acquaintances felt this venue to be a great approach to the slow play dilemma. Keeping several of these handy guides in your golf bag as giveaways, can be a fantastic way to spread the important message of timely play and ready golf.
So everyone can enjoy a more satisfying tour of the links, let's all think, talk and play four hour golf.